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  • For PC, Mac, Android, & iOS
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Limited Time Offer: 60% off!
Protects all your devices
Real-time protection
Identity theft protection
Visit SiteIncludes LifeLock identity theft mitigation and no-limits VPN. Excellent security protection. Supports Windows, macOS, Android, iOS. Virus protection promise.Security protection limited on iOS devices. No parental control or backup for macOS. Cannot actually prevent identity theft.In addition to providing thorough cross-platform security, Norton 360 with LifeLock Select aims to help you recover from the crippling effects of identity theft.


Blocks Data Leakage
Phishing protection
Visit SiteAI / Machine Learning Behavioral Analytics Endpoint Management IOC Verification Incident ManagementTokenization


Automatic cloud definitions
Protects your privacy
Remove ransomware
Visit SiteExcellent scores in our hands-on malware protection and malicious URL blocking tests. Includes exploit protection, ransomware protection, behavior-based detection.Few and poor independent lab tests scores. Phishing protection ineffective. Ransomware detection results mixed.Malwarebytes Premium now functions as a full-blown antivirus and not just second-line protection, as it did previously. It earns excellent scores in some of our hands-on tests, but still doesn't rate well with the independent testing labs.


For PC, Mac, Android, & iOS
Optimizes performance
Excellent malware blocking
Visit SiteDecent phishing protection. Includes tune-up, disk cleanup. Well-designed user interface. Speedy scan.Poor scores in our malware protection test and malicious URL blocking test. No results from test labs we follow. Marked many dangerous downloads as safe. Expensive.TotalAV Essential Antivirus includes the real-time protection component missing from its free edition, but even with that feature restored it doesn't score well in testing.


High detection rates
Identity theft protection
Password manager
$35Visit SiteSecurity for every Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS device in your household. No-limits VPN. Excellent phishing protection. Password manager. Identity theft monitoring. Safe Family parental control. File encryption.Mixed antivirus lab. Encryption weakened by use of simple security questions. Identity theft remediation no longer includes reimbursement. Parental control could use work. Many separate utilities slowed boot time in testing.McAfee Total Protection offers excellent security and password management for all your devices, and parental control for all except Macs. The suite's new no-limits VPN is an enticing extra.


Complete protection
30-day money back guarantee
Free technical support
$5Visit SitePerfect and near-perfect scores from four independent testing labs. Perfect score in our phishing protection test. Good scores in our malware-blocking and malicious URL blocking tests. Full-scale phone and live chat support.Bonus scans significantly overlap each other.Kaspersky Anti-Virus sweeps the antivirus testing labs, with excellent scores across the board. It remains an antivirus Editors' Choice.


24/7 Support
Excellent detection rates
Free spam filter
$2Visit SiteGood scores from independent labs. Good phishing protection score. Vulnerability scan. Game booster.Allowed takeover by a ransomware sample. Poor score in hands-on malware protection test. No longer includes spam filter.The website for BullGuard Antivirus touts a new malware-fighting engine, but we didn't see it in testing. One ransomware sample took over a test system, with no protest by BullGuard.


Web & Email security
Money back guarantee
5GB cloud backup
Visit Site
ESET Software


The ultimate antivirus protection
Unbeatable data security
$3Visit Site


Pro firewall included
30 day money back guarantee
Real-time cloud security
$3Visit SiteAdvanced firewall. Antivirus licensed from Kaspersky. Unusual phishing protection. Includes useful bonus tools.No independent antivirus lab results. Firewall upgrades too advanced for average user. So-so scores against malicious and fraudulent websites in our testing. Phishing protection only in Chrome.Check Point ZoneAlarm PRO Antivirus + Firewall offers advanced features not found in the free edition, but those features are too advanced for most users. In addition, it earned mediocre scores in our hands-on antivirus testing.


Secure online storage
24/7 customer support
30 day money back guarantee
$4Visit SiteAward-winning antivirus. Many bonus features including VPN and ransomware protection. Premium Parental Control detects cyberbullying. Anti-theft for Windows, Android, and iOS. Optimization for Windows.Limited iOS support. Premium Parental Control costs extra.If you want every imaginable security component in a single well-integrated package, plus a wealth of useful bonus features and cross-platform protection, Bitdefender's Total Security mega-suite is what you need.

Top Antivirus rating updated for October 2020

What is an antivirus? What is it for?

An anti-virus program or just an anti-virus is any program for detecting computer viruses, as well as for protecting against infection of files or the operating system with malicious code


Antiviruses for operating systems

Most antivirus software companies release their products under Windows operating systems. This is due to the fact that most of the virus programs are developed specifically for this platform, simply because Windows is the most popular and most common system. It seems that other PC operating systems occupy a smaller market share, the number of viruses created for them is much smaller.

With the advent of mobile portable computers, it became necessary to protect them from “harmful programs”, especially in connection with the growing popularity of Internet banking. In the segment of mobile antiviruses, also due to the wide popularity of the platform, antiviruses for the Android OS occupy a large share. Antiviruses are also widespread for such mobile OSes as Windows, Apple iOS, Simbian and others.


What are viruses? How to protect your computer from malicious files?

A computer virus is a group of computer programs that can spread by self-copying and also penetrate the code of other applications installed on your device.

In addition, they are able to send their copies through various channels. Introducing viruses into the code of programs, they lead to errors and disruption of the computer, as well as to the destruction of files.


Antivirus Classification:

– Classic antivirus;

– Antispyware – programs designed to find and remove spyware from your computer.   Usually, they are an integral part of comprehensive computer protection;

– Online scanner – a service for cleaning a personal computer of viruses, when using which there is no need to install software on a disk. Usually it’s enough to visit the antivirus website and run the scanner;

– Firewall – designed to ensure the safety of networks and the Internet, blocks unwanted sites and malicious programs. That is, this application filters incoming and outgoing traffic from the device.

Comprehensive protection – consists of many, components, including the above, as well as other less common elements, such as password manager and parental control


How viruses get to your computer

The ways in which a virus enters a computer or mobile device can be very different. It is clear that for the virus to appear on the computer, the interaction of the latter with the external environment is required. That is, the virus gets to the device through flash drives, email, websites visited, etc. Obviously, it is impossible to exclude all pathways of possible infection. Therefore, to protect equipment from viruses, special protective applications are created – antiviruses.


How to protect your computer from viruses

Despite considerable efforts to create antivirus software, there is no full guarantee of security and protection against malware from entering a stationary or mobile device. Therefore, along with the use of the most modern antiviruses, you need to learn to adhere to some settings:

– do not install or run unfamiliar applications on the computer from sources that do not have a serious reputation. Before this, it is advisable to at least read reviews about this source;

– do not open suspicious sites, and when entering popular services on the Internet, pay attention to the spelling of the domain name in the address bar;

– regularly update programs that ensure the security of the system.

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