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Code-free Development
Reusable Components
Pre-configured Bot
Contextual Guidance
No offers$99Visit SiteIntuitive workflow, ease of use and ability to connect to pretty much any api or 3rd party service. Help and documentation on how to accomplish anything is available and support is excellent.Up until today, the lack of a good scheduling/calendar system, but they just released a new integration with Google Calendar which looks great (still in beta).Some design elements offer limited configuration.


Survey/Poll Management
Feedback Management
Text Analysis
No offers$24Visit SiteIt motivated users that gives leads more A clean chatbot user interface Faster auto-conversation. Intuitive Interface Kickass UI UX Features that stand out as compared to other webchats in the market.Few functionality regarding what pages customers are on and like customer location tracing. Should improve their response time.Best For: Real Estate Lead collection · Hospitality Feedback collection· Educational Lead collection · Hotels order collection · Digital Agency

Top Chatbot rating updated for October 2020



Automatic chat bot is a program that simulates a real conversation with a user. Chatbots can allow you to communicate using recorded audio messages on websites, in instant messengers, mobile applications, as well as text messages or by phone.
Through constant interaction with people, they learn to imitate real human communication and respond to oral or written requests, helping to find answers.

Bots can use automatic machine learning to recognize communication patterns. It should also be noted that there are not only AI bots, there are those that work on the basis of programmed scripts with multiple choices, for example, option A brings it closer to option B and further on the same principle.


Chatbots have several advantages, namely:


Provide 24/7 service.

Round-the-clock service is considered one of the most important arguments in the use of chat bots. With their help, companies can answer customers’ questions without paying attention to the time of day, namely, this improves the quality of service and affects the success of the business.

Help reach more customers. Most users prefer chatbots over branding apps. Therefore, if a company wants to transmit information about its products and services to a large audience, the use of this channel makes economic sense.


Effective customer interaction.

Chatbots help to attract both potential buyers and customers, which leads to increased sales. Unlike companies that use traditional methods of service, chatbots do not overload the audience with information, and each time they provide only the data that corresponds to user requests. Therefore, customers regularly receive exclusively relevant information. This approach helps keep audience engagement longer thanks to an automated message chain.



Business owners need to pay employees for customer service. And with the increase in the company, expenses also increase. Chatbots are a one-time investment that helps brands reduce staff costs. Companies can easily integrate chatbots to answer simple questions from potential buyers and transfer more complex service managers.


Track the delivery of content and consumer data.

Bots store reviews of their customers, which contribute to the improvement, as well as the optimization of the old page with a low level of conversion for brands.
In addition, customer actions can be used to segment the audience.


Creating, qualifying and raising leads.

Chatbots accept new information about users, which gives you the opportunity to personalize the distribution of messages to customers. Bots can, generate leads, and convince potential buyers. In addition, they help companies find unskilled leads by using key performance indicators. This approach eliminates interactions with leads that simply take time.


Ease of operation.

Automatic chatbots help companies better serve their customers in different languages. This allows you to expand the brand into new markets.

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How bots work

Most chatbots use their artificial intelligence to communicate with Internet users, therefore they provide relevant content, as well as offers. Bots work on the basis of a set of directions or use automatic training. The functionality of the chatbot, which works on the basis of instructions, is quite limited. Often it is designed to answer fixed questions.

A bot based on automatic machine learning can work much better since it can recognize a language. Therefore, in order to get relevant answers, the user does not need to enter exact words. In addition, the bot can independently learn in communication with customers and can freely solve such issues if they arise. Chatbot gets smarter after every dialogue.


Here are some simple guidelines for creating, testing, and using chatbots:


Make chatbot more human.

The way people perceive it will affect their communication. For example, give the chatbot a name and put a logo – this will help the user to enter into a conversation easier.


Pause between messages so users can read them.

Too short a waiting time or lack thereof is annoying. Therefore, set the pause, and also with each additional message increase it.


Use buttons and quick answers correctly.

Instant answers enable the user to simplify the dialogue and usually they disappear immediately after application. The buttons are sent as a bot response and are used for navigation. After clicking, they do not disappear.


Use discreet quick answers to say no.

Create the correct denial answers that customers can use and not feel awkward.After the dialogue is completed, allow the user to re-interact with the bot. Create an answer that allows customers to reuse the bot.


Is it possible to create a chatbot in SandPuls without knowing the code?

Using the free visual designer SendPulse, you can create a chat bot for FB Messenger and VKontakte. Register now and start developing your first bot.


What is a chat bot platform?

Chatbot site, this is an automated servicethat helps to create and command chatbots for instant messengers. To test the technology, use the free tariff plan in the SPulse service. So you can understand all the intricacies of work without financial investments.


How to attract subscribers to the chatbot?

Sign up for SPulse, create a subscription widget and add it to your website.


Can subscribers break the chatbot?

This can happen if your chatbot does not have a well-thought out answer to unforeseen questions from users. Set up a universal response to all unknown messages in the chatbot. SPulse has a predefined auto answer for this case: “As a rule, we respond within one day.” Add buttons such as “Back” and “Return to the main menu” to simplify navigation.

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