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Brand Overlay
Closed Captions
Privacy Options
Social Sharing
Visit SiteAutomation of time-consuming jobs with an easy to use interface and plugin via chrome extension.


5,000+ templates
Unlimited downloads per month
Buffer integration
Visit SiteIt gives the possibility of selecting different graphic sizes for social media posts, blogging and infographics, header, and social & display ads. For any size you select, there are numerous templates available.Creating a graphic from scratch is a tough task as it doesn’t offer any drawing tools. Advanced image editing features such as smoothening, pixelating, doodle, etc. were found missing.


Conversion Tracking
Customer Targeting
Keyword Filtering
Automated Publishing
Visit SiteThis is one of those tools that is too easy not to at least try. The full power of the tool won't come to light until you actually start using it. Then the light will go off and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.


Save up to 50 images /month
Logo / Watermarks
Keep unlimited favorites
Visit SiteStencil is a cloud-hosted graphics creation application, which offers a fast way of crafting and sharing visual contents. It empowers small businesses, bloggers, and social media marketers in beautifying their images in order to generate gorgeous email images, ad graphics, content marketing visuals, social media posts, and others.


Website Visitor Tracking
Geo Targeting
Offline Form
Visit SiteGetSiteControl is a solution for owners of websites of all sizes. It provides them with easy-to-use tools for visitor engagement.


Mailing List Management
Mobile Optimized Emails
Visit SiteBest for all Industries who has Inside Sales Team/Department who wants to increase sales Productivity and Performance.


Lower customer acquisition costs
Ability to scale
Incremental revenue
Risk-Free Monetization
Visit SiteIf you’re an advertiser, the magic around Repixel will definitely help build your online business through high-quality traffic and at an affordable small budget.


Email Marketing
Promotions Management
Visit SiteSumo is a nice service and is generous with features and amount of subscribers, even on its lowest plan. Sumo is also easy to use and offers great looking emails and popups. The limited amount of integrations mean you may need to develop your own extension for certain integrations.


Zero Friction
No-more typing mistakes on Name&Emails
See their Social Profiles
Visit SiteThe primary features of Optingun are to create lead capture forms and make the process of signups/logins easy and available in just one click. No wonder, this saves times and runs in a user-friendly way.

Top Content Marketing rating updated for October 2020

Content marketing

Content marketing is a long-term marketing strategy that is aimed at attracting the target audience and building trust relationships. To achieve their goals, marketers create and distribute relevant content.


Why content marketing matters

Content marketing helps build a long-term relationship with the target audience. With it, they attract potential customers and retain existing ones. For example, companies that have a blog attract 55% more visitors.


Content Marketing Goals

1.Lead generation
2.Increase target audience
3.Increasing customer engagement
4.Lead cultivation
5.Brand awareness
6.Traffic attraction
7.Reactive Passive Clients
8.Increase loyalty
9.Upsell and Cross-Selling

The goals in content marketing are directly dependent on the buying cycle. Therefore, at each stage they will be different.
Stages of the purchase cycle:
Problem awareness
Search for a solution

After setting goals, key performance indicators should be highlighted.
Commonly used indicators:
Number of website visitors
Time spent on every page
Number of Unique Visitors
Bounce rate

Comments and likes
The number of publications shared on social networks
Conversions and Transactions

It is also important to identify objectives for performance indicators. So you can see the progress and improve the content. Make sure that your goals are concretized, measurable and achievable.
Review performance metrics regularly and improve the quality of your content. This approach will improve relationships with the target audience, as well as increase revenue.


How to start quality content marketing

1.Explore your target audience
2.Write a content plan
3.Provide quality content
4.Use different types of content
5.Create catchy headers
6.Read Articles
7.Optimize Content
8.Adapt website for mobile devices

Do you think content marketing begins with writing interesting and original articles? It’s not like that at all. Below are some recommendations to help you build an effective strategy.

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Explore your target audience

Creating content for the sake of content is a failed tactic. An increase in the mailing list is also not a guarantee of success. You need to know your potential buyers – their needs and interests. Do your research. Gather the most valuable information. Find out the age of clients, their profession, social status, education, place of residence, hobbies, preferences. Create content that will be of interest to your target audience, and will help in solving existing problems.


Write a content plan

To achieve your goals and support the engagement of potential buyers, create a plan. Take into account the needs and interests of customers. Give answers to frequently asked questions. Planning saves time, helps to avoid repetitive materials and allows you to focus on tasks.


Provide quality content

The quality of content is determined by 3 factors: originality, uniqueness and value. Original expert content based on your unique experience is the best option. Sometimes quality rewriting is acceptable. As for the number of publications, there is no single answer that would suit everyone. Never neglect quality in favor of quantity. Customers should look forward to hearing from you. Always try to live up to their expectations. And to get the maximum response, use segmentation. Dividing potential customers into target groups will increase the effectiveness of content marketing and audience engagement.


Use different types of content

This statement often leaves novices confused. After all, they are desperate to find the content that works best. Long guide or short checklist? Use both options: longreads and short notes. This approach will optimize content for search engines and increase user engagement. Moreover, connect different communication channels.


Types of Content:

Blog posts
Educational materials
Illustrations and photos
Glossaries and Dictionaries
Charts and graphs
Custom content
Presentations and more


Create catchy headers

It is after reading the headline that the potential client decides whether to read the article or not. Make the title informative, clear, and intriguing. Read more about creating creative headlines in our article.


Read Articles

Even if a brand has 10 thousand loyal customers, there will always be someone who leaves due to poor grammar. Errors can be typos, but they show attitude towards the work. Therefore, be sure to check spelling and punctuation.


Adapt website for mobile devices

According to Google, more than 51% of users find a product or service through their smartphones. Cisco reports that the share of mobile traffic is growing rapidly. Therefore, in order not to lose customers, adapt the content for mobile devices.
Now you know how to run content marketing for your business. It’s time to set goals, create relevant content and measure results.

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