Best CRM 2020
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Calendar/Reminder System
Email Marketing
Lead Scoring
Mobile Access
No offers$15Visit SiteBest for sales teams looking for a simple, yet powerful sales tool to get them organized.


Email Marketing
Social Media Integration
Document Storage
No offers$18Visit SiteBest for owners of small and growing businesses that want to better organise their business and customer activities. Sales/Marketing Heads/VP's of small to medium sized businesses looking for a sales solution.


Document Indexing
Full Text Search
SEO Management
Version Control
Website Management
No offers$19Visit SiteBest for businesses looking for customer engagement software in order to increase the retention and LTV of current customers, attract new customers and partners, and decrease support costs for that audience.


Mobile Access
Internal Chat Integration
Marketing Automation Integration
Task Management
No offers$12Visit SiteBest for startups and small to medium-sized businesses help grow their sales teams with fun and easy to use CRM that sales teams love to use.

Top CRM rating updated for October 2020

CRM system

They always write about CRM in such an incomprehensible language, as if it were a hadron collider, but in fact it is just a business management program. True, very smart – so much so that it helps to increase profits by 40-50%, reduce costs and speed up the processing of applications by 2 times. But what is CRM and what exactly does it do? As a developer of our own S2 system, “I answer popularly.” So CRM systems – what are these simple words?

How does a CRM system work?

The definition or abbreviation CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, that is, “customer relationship management.” CRM with the help of process automation helps to build a dialogue with the buyer more effectively, prevent mistakes in the work and, as a result, sell him more.

What does it look like in CRM?

Imagine an Excel spreadsheet with your customer base, but only when you click on the customer’s name a convenient card opens, which contains the entire chronology of working with him – from the first call to purchase. Here you can listen to calls, see the purchase history, create documents according to the template, write e-mail or sms, set a task.

When a customer calls you, CRM offers to open his card, and you immediately greet him by name. Even if another manager led this buyer before, you can easily answer his questions without any “clarify and call you back”. CRM itself will send the customer an SMS message about the status of the order and will remind you of the meeting. As a result, you save time – both yours and your client. So, make it more loyal and inclined to buy.

CRM features:

– accounting of applications and transactions;
– task and project management;
– visual online reports;
– kpi installation and monitoring;
– customer recording for services;
– document designer;
– service calculator;
– financial management;
– integration with mail, telephony, social networks, sms and e-mail broadcasting;
– automation of business processes.

Automation is the last, but not because it is the least important. On the contrary, it helps to put sales on the machine – so that everything works quickly and clearly, and the mistakes of the “human factor” are minimized. CRM takes on the whole routine:

generates documents according to the template, sets tasks for managers at each stage of the transaction, sends sms to clients, creates online reports on all indicators, calculates the cost of services through the built-in calculator, and also tracks important dates (reminds you to renew the contract, set invoice for payment, offer service, etc.).

Thanks to CRM, managers make fewer mistakes, which means they sell more and more often. And it becomes easier for the leader to manage the company: he spends less time on control and receives more resources to develop the business.

What is the effect of CRM?

In short, CRM helps to earn more and easier, which means that with it you can successfully develop your business.

Thanks to CPM, other indicators are also growing. Together, they allow the business to grow faster:

1. Speeding up the work of managers means that they will be able to devote more time to the actual sales, and therefore increase the volume of transactions.
2. Growth in sales and an increase in the average check give an increase in profit.
3. Increasing profits enables more resources to invest in business growth.
4. Business development provides even greater profits, as well as the opportunity for the leader to become the head of a large successful company.

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