Best DNA Testing 2020
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Most recommended - Ancestry provides a complete picture of your
family history and ethnicity.
$20Visit SiteAttractive and intuitive interface with lots of guidance. Handy collaboration feature. Family trees can be shared easily across your devices and with nonsubscribers.Monthly subscription fee can get expensive, fast.


Living DNA offers one of the most in-depth DNA tests on the market$79Visit SiteCovers 80 worldwide regions. In-depth geographic reporting.Constructing DNA profile can take between 10-12 weeks.


Vitagene DNA provides ancestry-based diet and fitness recommendations.$89Visit Site Vitagene’s DNA tests are relatively cost-effective, less expensive than those of other test providers. Vitagene gives you a personalized list of recommended supplements based on the information contained within your DNA and the report it compiles. Vitagene can take data from other DNA test companies, including 23andMe and Ancestry, and generate a report at a reduced cost. Vitagene reports tell you the precise region of your DNA associated with a particular finding, meaning you can do your own research into the topic if you choose. The health and lifestyle advice given in your unique report is sometimes generic, common-sense advice that most people should follow regardless of the information in one’s genes. Unlocking the diet-related information in our DNA has a lot of benefits but simplifying it to inform actual lifestyle choices and vitamins purchases is challenging. Currently, Vitagene only ships its tests within the United States. Would-be international orders are put on a waitlist.


Tests for potential genetic disorders to help prevent disease$126Visit SiteYour data is completely private. Orig3n doesn’t sell or share it with anyone but you. The testing is all done at a certified lab within company’s headquarters in Boston, MA and is encrypted from beginning to end. You only have to take the actual DNA test once with Orig3n. You can then purchase and access other reports without having to take a new DNA test. You cannot currently upload data you have received from other test providers. Some of the tests, such as those related to nutrition and behavioral genetic tests, still do not have a strong and convincing scientific grounding. You must live within the United States to order a test from Orig3n.


Personalized health reports on nutrition & fitness$8.99Visit SiteVirtually endless customization options Various VoIP and complementary features iPhone/Android app Cost-friendly prices All features available for all pricing plans 14-day free trialActivation fee required Setup fee for true-800, vanity and ported numbers Limited extensions (except Premier)

Top DNA Testing rating updated for September 2020

Using the DNA test, you can learn more about relatives that you did not know about before, among those who together with you inherit individual DNA fragments from a common ancestor. You will learn about the ethnic and geographical origin of your ancestors, which may contain unexpected and curious information.

Why should you test your entire family?

The services recommend testing other family members as well. Testing one or both parents provides additional information about your own DNA matches. For example, you can find out whether this or that coincidence is happening on the paternal or maternal side.

Testing your parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, and other family members also helps you find new relatives. Due to the nature of genetic inheritance, your brothers and sisters may have different ethnic results than yours. Comparing your results can help you learn more about your background.

The DNA testing kit is easy to use and does not require blood or saliva. To take a sample, you just need to rub the inner surface of the cheek with a small brush for 45 seconds, and then do it again with a second brush in order to get a spare sample. Then the brushes are placed in test tubes and sent to the laboratory for analysis. You can see the results on the site.

From the moment your kit arrives at the lab, it will take 3-4 weeks to get the results. As soon as the results are available, the service will notify you by e-mail. Results will also be available to you online.

The DNA test is based on a microarray autosomal test procedure. This test provides baseline data that helps you calculate your DNA matches and calculate the ethnicity of the maternal and paternal lines.

DNA test and family trees complement each other. Conversely, family trees are indispensable for understanding the degree of kinship found through DNA matches. Everyone who has done the DNA test is advised to create a family tree in order to get the most out of the DNA test results and make a complete picture describing the history of your family.

Start with your name and gradually add the names, dates, photos and stories of your relatives. And then share your new tree with your family. Also, many services offer excellent tools for building a family tree and searching for information  to supplement the data in the family tree.

Your data is protected.

Your privacy and the security of your data are just as important to you. The services have made significant investments to ensure that your account and personal data are safe and protected by several levels of encryption.

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DNA research

When the DNA laboratory receives your DNA sample, it is processed by experienced specialists individually, using advanced technology. Your DNA is extracted in the laboratory, it is increased and biological information is converted into raw digital data.

After converting your DNA to digital form, the algorithms calculate your ethnic origin, determining which ethnic groups in the world belong to certain segments of your DNA. Your DNA is also compared to other DNA to find close and distant relatives.

Health reports

Everyone is more or less predisposed to the development of genetic diseases. The reports reflect your genetic predisposition to the development of certain diseases compared to the general population.

Get an idea of  your potential transmission of genetic diseases to your children. When planning a family, testing for gene carriers is recommended, which will help determine the chances that you and your partner will be carriers of a gene of the same genetic disease.

DNA matches

Find relatives you did not even suspect existed due to the similarity of your DNA. You can contact your found relatives to learn more about your family .

Using the DNA match function, you can:
– find new relatives;
– use the best tools in the industry;
– establish the exact type of relationship;
– contact persons from your matches.

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