Best Domain Registrars 2020
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Wide selection of domains
Bulk registration
Quality customer service
GoDaddy offers customer support 24/7. They have a knowledge base, phone support, and live chat.$1Visit SiteGoDaddy might be known for domain names, but they’ve figured out how to deliver some rock-solid uptime on their shared hosting plans, too.GoDaddy has become relatively infamous for the number of upsells used to increase the price you’re ultimately going to pay.Affordable, easy to use, impressive range of WordPress hosting features, excellent support
Host Rator


Money-Back Guarantee
1 Click WordPress Install
Easy-To-Use cPanel
HostGator offers a flexible hosting solution complete with a free website builder and a 99.99% uptime guarantee.$13Visit SiteHostGator offers a flexible hosting solution complete with a free website builder and a 99.99% uptime guarantee.With so many features, HostGator may feel intimidating to some users.A great value-for-money web host, HostGator is perfect for personal websites and small businesses.
Network Solution


Wide selection of domains
Discounted bulk registration
Mobile App
$35Visit SiteWith customizable packages that include a wide range of advanced features, Network Solutions will have your site up and running in minutes in order to grow your online presence.Despite their variety of templates, Network Solutions has an additional fee in order to make your website mobile and tablet responsive.Though lacking in modern, responsive templates Network Solutions is a good place to start if you building an eCommerce site for the first time.


Innovative features and tools
Wide selection of domains
Quality customer service
$10Visit SiteGood shared and WordPress hosting packages. Excellent uptime. Quality customer service. Multiple website-builder tools.No cloud, VPS, dedicated, or reseller server options. Lacks monthly plans. Doesn't offer Windows-based servers.Web hosting service gives you many tools for setting up an entry-level online destination, but it lacks the advanced tiers of hosting growing sites may eventually want.


Cost effective
Secure SSL certificate
Quality customer service
Namecheap offers a number of apps that make it easy to build a website and get a professional email address.$10Visit SiteSlow websites could be the result of something as simple as your own hardware, operating system, or CMS.Don’t Get Flash-y if you want your business to grow and be successful, a dedicated website is the best solution. And once you build your site, you can link it to your Facebook page to build your audience twice as fast.

Top Domain Registrars rating updated for October 2020

Domain Registrars

A domain name is an integral part of every site. It consists of two parts – the name itself and the domain zone. A name can have several levels, each of which is separated by a dot. The countdown goes from right to left, the first level is the domain zone. Zones can be divided into countries or talk about the subject of the site.

For example, the .info domain is often used for information portals, news sites, .com – the classic solution for commercial sites aimed at a wider audience than one country. Following the domain zone is the name of the site. There may be letters, numbers and hyphens.

How is the domain registration?

Domain registration can take place in different ways, it takes only a few minutes. A domain name is not acquired forever, but is somehow leased. Its use must be renewed, after the liquidation of the site, the name can be reused, by another resource.

Any domain registrar will help in the matter of domain registration. To do this, just check the name for uniqueness and submit the appropriate application.

A domain name can not only be purchased independently from a registrar. Such names often become an addition to the hosting site. This is beneficial, but it is worth remembering that if you break off relations with the hosting company, you will most likely not be able to take your name with you. That is, this option will only make sense if the reliability of the company that provides hosting and domain registration services is reliable.

A domain name can also be obtained for free. It will not be the most prestigious name of the third or more levels. The option is more suitable for training, a test of strength in matters of promotion.

The option is not the best for the development of full-fledged projects, especially when it comes to making money. Such names are ignored by some search engines, priority is given to higher second-level domains.

In contrast to non-prestigious free names, a domain name in the .ua national zone. This name can only be obtained by the owner of the trademark with the appropriate name. The domain indicates the reliability of the company, as unregistered designations access to it is closed.

If the site is designed to make money, it is better to register several domains at once in different zones and with several spelling options (close to the original). In this case, fraud sites will have a minimum number of chances to earn money for those who typed the name with an error or confused the zone.

Who registers domains

In any case, the registration of a domain name occurs after confirmation of its uniqueness. Registration can be done by an official registrar or one of its partners – resellers. They can be hosting providers, all kinds of studios, specialized companies that specialize only in domain reselling. To check the integrity of the registrar, just study the reviews.

Buying a domain is simple, for this you need only a couple of simple steps: check the uniqueness, select the desired domain zone (there may be several), pay for the name. It is important that the domain is issued to the new owner, and not to the provider or a third party.

When buying a previously existing name, you need to check the history and make sure that the site does not fall under the filters of search engines.

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