Best Job Sites 2020
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Variety of jobs
Intuitive and easy
Job browsing available
No offersVisit SiteImports jobs found on the web. vast range of jobs, free resume posting


Validates each job posting
Caters to entertainment
No offersVisit SiteSpecializes in entertainment industry, over a thousand casting notices to choose from
Monster CA


Block your resume
Advance filtering options
No offersVisit SitePerhaps the most well-known job site on the internet, Monster is a powerful resource for job seekers in any industry.


Free trial
Mobile app
Company reviews
No offersVisit SiteThe Glassdoor job site provides a free resource for job hunters to find open positions or read over 11 million employee reviews of companies regarding experiences, salary, and interviews.
The Ladders


Free career resources
Variety of job categories
Caters to executive
No offersVisit SiteFree resume posting, career advice, employers post free. Caters to executives
Snag a Job


Wide range of job listings
Easy to use interface
Part time and hourly jobs
No offersVisit SiteSpecializes in local part time and hourly jobs, free resume posting
Find the Right Job


Free resume upload
Helps find local jobs in
Offers educational opportunities
No offersVisit SiteOffers business and educational opportunists, free resume posting
Absolutely Health Care


Specializes in health sector
Extensive resource center
Members and employer forum
No offersVisit SiteSpecializing in health care sector, free resume posting

Top Job Sites rating updated for October 2020


Job sites

Every day, thousands of people around the world look for work. Students want to start earning money as soon as possible, people who have moved to another city want to get up faster on their feet and gain a foothold in a new place. It also very often happens that people are simply fired from their regular place of work and they need to go somewhere.

A new place of earnings may also be needed by people who are not happy with their financial situation, the schedule at their work and they want to try something new.
Where to find a job? Vacancies and advertisements in newspapers are no longer relevant, and not everyone has useful contacts with people. That is why, sites on which you can easily find a suitable job for yourself have become popular.


What are job search sites and how are they arranged?

Job search sites save you a lot of time. You do not need to call each announcement or ride from one part of the city to another to look for a new job. Also, you should not constantly re-talk about your skills, characteristics and personal qualities. Sites are designed so that you can post your CV: starting from your age, education and ending with your achievements, certificates, as well as reviews from past jobs. It is very convenient and easy.

In addition to these sites, you can specify filters for various parameters that will help you find the best deal. Filters include the scope of the desired activity, salary, the presence or absence of experience, a work schedule and much more. Also using the above filters, employers can also make their life easier.


Types of sites and search methods

Direct job sites are both general and narrowly targeted. For example, there are portals only for hairdressers-stylists or sites where vacancies in a certain city or area are presented. Therefore, the criteria for choosing a job site depend on the specific applicant. However, each of them should study the reputation of the portal so as not to spend time on ineffective service and not run into untested employers. You can do this by examining reviews on third-party resources.

It is also important to monitor the frequency of updates to the job site. If new vacancies appear on the portal of a large city not every day, and six-year-old announcements appear in “offers”, this is a reason to be wary. It is worth paying attention to the ratio of the number of vacancies and job seekers.

The number of the first should be several times less, otherwise it will be a clear indicator of the low ranking of the site. You should not be afraid of a large number of resumes on the portal – a substantial part of them are inactive. For example, a user found a job a long time ago, but did not delete his page, so as not to fill it again later. Or, perhaps, the applicant is monitoring vacancies in a “relaxed” mode, when there is time and desire for this.

Choosing a decent job site is just the first step towards employment. In order for the employer to become interested in your candidacy, it is necessary to responsibly approach to compiling a resume. One recommendation is to attach a photograph. This will help your profile to become more visible compared to the rest. However, not every picture is suitable. For example, a photo in a fancy dress can easily scare off if you apply for an office job.

In the search for vacancies, it is necessary to focus not only on salary, but also on the schedule. An interview will not be easy in the position of a seller, and a manicurist is unlikely to be delighted with the need to work with reports. There are many psychological tests to determine the type of profession suitable for the applicant.

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