Best Live Chat 2020
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Customizable chat in 20 languages
Desktop, mobile and browser agent apps
24/7 customer support
Visit SiteCustomizable chat options allow you to translate the text into 20 different languages. This will break the language barrier and your customers will be better served. Since you can view all reports and graphs, you can monitor your employee performance and service quality.Even when Jivochat is available for most mobile devices, it doesn’t have an app for Windows Phones.


Unlimited chat history
Ticketing system
Advanced reporting
Work scheduler
Visit SiteImmediate Access for Customers. Efficient Use of Employee Time. Live Customer Chat is Affordable for Businesses.May Feel Impersonal to Some Users. May Not Work on Mobile Platforms. Time Zone Issues


Call Recording
SMS & Voicemail in EMail
Free $2 Credit
External SIP Phone
Visit SiteWhile they might still be new to the market, and only a few years old, CallHippo still manages to offer a competitive package worth considering. Designed to work as an entire call center platform, CallHippo aims to provide a simple yet effective solution.


Unlimited Chats
Full Widget Customization
90 Days Chat History
Basic Reports
Visit SiteSolid OCR scanning of receipt images. Great auto-fill features. Complete, end-to-end process for mobile reporting and submissions. Easy-to-use mobile app.ACH reimbursements is an additional cost. Integrations with other applications besides QuickBooks must be handled directly by Certify.Certify wins our Editors' Choice for small business expense management as it offers great features, solid reporting, a mobile app, and an SMB-friendly price.This solution does it all.


Unlimited number of chats per agent
Includes all features in any plan
Live product assistance 24/7
Visit SiteCanned Responses Proactive Chat Third Party IntegrationGeo Targeting Screen Sharing


24/7 Support
Live Call Transfer
Desktop & Mobile Apps
Local & Toll Free Minutes
Visit SiteIn my opinion, the best part of Talkroute’s business phone service offering is that they offer unlimited minutes with any of their 4 service packages. Some competitors offer just 100 minutes with some plans, so the opportunity for unlimited minutes is a big advantage.Talkroute does not offer customer support via phone to customers who choose their Basic ($19) or Plus ($39) packages. Especially considering that they’re selling a business phone service, it’s a bit ridiculous that they make you pay at least $59/month for the right to reach them via phone.


Unlimited Ticket history
Unlimited E-mail Ticketing
Unlimited Call center support
Visit Site Ease of use Managing social mediaIntegrations


Unlimited Admin Users
Advanced Customization
Phone Support
Education and Training
Visit Site


Customizable Chat Window
Customizable Banners
Real Time Language Translation
Supervisor Mode
Visit Site

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What are online chats for?

For many companies, online chat has been and remains an additional tool for communicating with customers, along with email and telephone. Such companies either do not see any particular benefit in this tool, or do not know about its true potential. So what is online chat?

Live chat is a flexible communication tool that you can use on your site for online technical support. If clients need help, they can ask an online consultant a question and get an answer quickly. But that is not all. Properly working with such a service, you can generate a huge number of new leads, which will ultimately lead to increased sales. Moreover, such chats are a source of information about the state of the business, which can tell you in which direction to move.

Using chat exclusively as a tool for communication, you miss a large number of opportunities for growth. Below we talk about different – and sometimes unexpected – ways to use online chat. We hope that this material will help you understand what role chat can play in business success.


How do online chats for business work?

As already mentioned, the availability of online technical support on the site allows you to communicate with customers in real time. First of all, you need to register and install the program on the site. Seeing the chat window, visitors will be able to ask your operators a question.

But what is so special about chatting on the site? To answer this question, let’s take a look at other communication tools that are popular among companies.

Email and phone perform approximately the same function. They allow you to relatively quickly exchange questions and answers, and the phone – in real time. Unlike these tools, the online assistant for the site not only allows you to communicate with site visitors, but also to see who is currently on it. In the case of e-mail or phone, you will only know about the client when he writes or calls you.

How can you describe the use of email or phone with a metaphor? Imagine that you are in the same room as other people, but you are blindfolded. Until the person speaks, you will not know that he is in the room, right? Using live chat, you remove the blindfold and can see everything and everyone. You know how many people are currently browsing the site. Moreover, you know who your visitors are. And if a person has already used your services, you even know his name and what he bought last time. Very useful and convenient.

Instead of sitting and waiting for the client to contact you, you can use an active approach and encourage him to interact. And this, in turn, increases sales.


Online Chat Benefits

We bring to your attention 3 reasons that prove that online chat is a useful tool.


1. User friendliness

Visitors are comfortable using chat for several reasons:

1) it gives you the opportunity to instantly contact the support service operator: you do not need to press buttons or dial a phone number to talk with a company representative;

2) more than 51% of users prefer chat because it gives them the opportunity to do several things at once. Even if a visitor has to wait a couple of minutes for an answer, he can continue to browse the site without wasting time;

3) waiting for an answer does not cause negative emotions. While the operator prints the answer, the user can continue to get acquainted with the site, so one or two minutes of waiting will not cause him irritation;

4) the conversation can be saved. The user perceives textual rather than voice information. Moreover, in the chat you can send links;

5) instant answers. Compared to live chat, email communication is slower. Discussion of one issue may take several days, or even a week;

6) the client receives information that helps him make a purchasing decision. According to the study, 44% of buyers like being able to ask an agent a question while they are considering whether or not to buy a product or service.


2. Online chats save money

Here are 3 reasons that confirm that using online chat will not hurt your budget:

1) one support employee can conduct several conversations at the same time. Therefore, you do not need to hire a large staff of agents. Compared to the call center, the waiting line in the online chat is much less. Moreover, smart programs (such as LiveAgent) provide opportunities for distributing issues between different departments of the company.

2) The use of an online consultant leads to an increase in the average cost of the order, as customers receive recommendations and answers to questions in real time, without delay. A support service employee will be happy to help you choose the right product or service, which, in turn, also reduces the costs associated with returning the goods.

3) Installing live feedback on the site will take you only a few minutes and will not require any special knowledge. For example, LiveAgent chat is compatible with all popular content management systems that are used on websites and online stores.


3. Increase conversion and sales

Knowing that at any moment a specialist can come to his aid, a potential buyer feels more confident and more willing to study the assortment. Positive experience with customer support increases the average cost of an order. Thus, online chat affects the level of sales.

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How to work with online chat?

In terms of user experience, online tech support can be called an ideal communication channel. He is ready to provide website visitors with any help with choosing products and placing an order. However, as with any other communication tool, the company should take care to organize communication with potential customers in the most comfortable form for them, as well as make the user experience more personalized.

Below you will find the rules that will help organize customer support through online chat on the site at the highest level.


1. Prepare a professional support team

Remember that the support team is the key to success. No modern technology can fix the incompetence of an employee. They should not only know everything about the company and its products / services, but also be able to patiently and politely communicate with customers.


2. Place the online chat button in user-friendly places

Typically, the client begins to instinctively look for an online chat window in the lower right corner of the site. Therefore, place a small but bright button in this place. It is important to maintain balance: the button should be noticeable, but at the same time not intrusive and not annoying.


3. Examine the customer’s portrait and peak hours of site visits.

If you have an international audience, you should make sure that people from different time zones can always get timely support. If you do not work around the clock, indicate on the site a clear schedule of support services so that visitors know when they can count on help.


4. Use video and voice chat

Quite often, correspondence is not effective enough, and it is easier for the operator to communicate with the client in video or voice chat. This not only speeds up the resolution of the issue, but also provides a more personalized level of service.


5. Prepare a list of frequently asked questions.

Remember that you should strive to constantly reduce the average response time to a client’s question. How to do it? Very simple. Your team should have a list of frequently asked questions. So you will significantly speed up the service, which means you will leave a pleasant impression about yourself.


6. Track your performance and look for ways to improve it.

Hold meetings with support staff regularly and ask them to give feedback: what problems do employees face when processing customer requests? how many conversations can they have at one time? What resources do they lack for successful work? Such monitoring will eliminate the problems “in the bud”, without waiting until they turn into a snowball and undermine the trust of customers.


7. Engage all employees in communication with clients

Real-time communication gives you an excellent opportunity to study the behavior and preferences of site visitors. Organize the work so that all employees – from top to lowest level – take part in communication with potential customers. This will exclude a situation where senior company executives make important decisions that have nothing to do with reality.


8. Try to help customers, even when you’re offline.

You must clearly state your status. If you’re online and ready to chat, find a way to showcase this to your visitors. And when the support service is offline, the client should be asked to go to a page with other ways to contact the company (phone, email, etc.). Do not leave the client face to face with his questions and problems, even when you are offline.


9. Send the right messages at the right time.

To start a conversation with a client, a support employee must have basic information about him (for example, geographic location, hours of visiting the site, time spent on the site, time for chatting in the online chat, etc.). Seeing that the visitor has just visited the site, browsing the product pages or moving to the basket, the employee can offer him appropriate assistance. In other words, it’s important to keep abreast in the work of a support service. This not only helps the client better navigate the site, but will leave a warmer impression on the brand.


10. Show sincere interest and friendliness

Put yourself in the shoes of potential customers and imagine what they think. Listen to your customers. When chatting with them, demonstrate an active approach and interest. If you answer the questions coldly and distantly, the client is unlikely to ever come back to you. Warmly greet the visitor, contact him by name and try to establish an emotional connection. This approach is the basis of everything.


11. Use the chat programming interface (API)

Using a multifunctional and flexible software interface gives you the opportunity to automate some chat functions and integrate it with other tools that you use in your work. Moreover, through the API you can request reports that are easily integrated into the content management system.

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