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Visit SiteMedical Guardian offers affordable and high-quality medical alert systems with 24/7 UL certified emergency monitoring. They also have award-winning customer service that is 100% US-based.Customers choose from a variety of service plans and products that help them maintain their independence. Offering products for at home and on-the-go, plus other add-ons like fall detection and GPS trackingMedical Guardian represents a leading medical alert company with the best features, reviews, and product selection. Call today for a special offer featuring free activation, and more!


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Visit SiteMobileHelp offers a personal emergency response system that allows seniors to live independently whether at home or on-the-goSigning up for Mobile Help Medical Alerts, customers benefit from a 30 day risk-free trial to try out home or GPS monitoring, ensuring the safety of you or a loved one.Mobile Help provides nationwide emergency coverage, giving you and your family peace of mind. Equipment is waterproof and offered at an affordable price.


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Visit SiteMedical Alert provides comprehensive at-home and on-the-go medical alert systems, keeping you safe and independent.Medical Alert has a wide range of products for emergency monitoring and fall detection. Customers get free shipping on portable, waterproof monitoring devices.With an A+ rating on BBB, Medical Alert has become a top-ranked medical alert company for customers and caregivers nationwide for at-home and on-the-go detection.


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Visit SitePhilips Lifeline offers advanced medical monitoring recommended by 200,000+ healthcare professionals with innovative, yet easy-to-use, devices.Their medical alert devices are easily customizable and they have a robust support page.Philips Lifeline offers a reliable medical monitoring solution with customizable care plans and effective fall detection, ensuring the safety of you or a loved one at all times.


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Visit SiteOne Call Medical Alerts provides affordable 24/7 monitoring and medical assistance with one push of a button. Customers have their choice of personalized packages available which they can adapt to their needs.One Call Alert offers three packages which all vary in price. You can choose from monthly, quarterly, or annual payment plans. Features include fall detection, medical alert buttons, and mobile monitoring. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of One Call Medical Alert with a lifetime price guarantee and no landline needed, the In-Home Wireless system is one of their best offers and completely budget-friendly.

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Medical alert

In more advanced countries, older people have been willingly using this device for the whole 30 years. If this term still does not seem familiar to you, then you must have heard somewhere its very common, in everyday life, name. Such an alarm is also called an Emergency Help System.

Medical alarm is a high-tech, but at the same time very simple device that allows a person to call for medical assistance if necessary by pressing a button. This button should be constantly next to the person.

Typically, these alarm buttons are used by lonely elderly people, people with disabilities, or people who have chronic illnesses with medical complications.

So how does this device work?

The medical alarm includes an alarm button and a home station. The button must be worn on the wrist, chest or put on a convenient place in the house (by the bed, in the bathroom or in places where there is a high probability of falling – near the stairs).

In case of deterioration of health or an emergency, you need to press the button and the signal will go to the home station, which is connected to the telephone line. Then the signal is redirected to a special call center (the call can also go directly to relatives), where the employee immediately calls your home station, which automatically turns on the speakerphone and microphone.

The employee finds out for what reason the button was pressed and determines what kind of help a person needs. If the person does not answer, they send an ambulance crew and ring up relatives or neighbors who can quickly come to the rescue.

Most often, call-center employees have a medical education, and they have information about the client’s diseases, so the likelihood of providing the necessary assistance increases.

Modern devices also have additional elements, for example, a drop sensor, a GPS module and others.

Not so long ago, they began to issue Medical Alarms with a drop sensor built into the alarm button. This addition is very important, because with a sharp deterioration in well-being and a fall, many are not even able to press a button. Also, relatively recently, GPS technologies have begun to be used, which allow you to establish the location of a person.

Therefore, a new opportunity appeared to use the Medical Alarms outside the home. After all, the GPS module can determine where the person is at the moment. And help will be provided even if a person cannot report the location.

In addition, smoke, gas and flood sensors can complement the standard system. And in order for the ambulance crew to have access to the client’s house, the keys are left in a small safe attached to the door.

Advantages and disadvantages of Medical Alarms

The advantages include the following:
– call medical assistance at the touch of a button;
– automatic inclusion of two-way voice communication mode;
– wireless button that you can carry with you;
– use in any place where there is cellular communication;
– GPS module determines the location of a person.

The only disadvantage of the medical signaling is the possible delay in signal transmission (which is almost impossible). Well, it’s also worth noting that a person can simply forget to put on a pendant with a panic button, and they will not be able to reach him in an emergency.

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