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VoIPScoreFeatures We LikeSpecial OffersBottom LinePriceSiteThe GoodThe BadThe Bottom Line


Array of features
30 day free trial
Toll free or local number included
Affordable, impressive online fax features, free trial, free fax software, best fit for businesses.
$8Visit SiteGood value. Fax scheduling. Modern interface. No extra charge for toll-free number. Supports large file attachments.No international numbers. Confusing app offerings. Fax quality is below average.


Relatively affordable
Free monthly pages
No setup fees
Relatively affordable, no setup fees, generous allotment of free epages
$5Visit SiteAffordable pricing. Flexible options. Decent fax quality.Stuttering web interface. Failed to send an attachment via email. No international or toll-free numbers. Long faxing times. Cannot send faxes to international numbers. No mobile apps.


Relatively affordable
No setup fees
Accessible from mobile
Great accessibility, ease to use, affordable
$9Visit SiteSave 17% when you prepay annually 30-day free trial period Unlimited online fax storage Can create a “blocked”/”allowed” call list so that you aren’t charged for blocked calls High quality customer support Can send faxes from nine email addresses and receive faxes from an unlimited number of email addressesAt the time of our most recent review, there were no notable cons


Customizable plans
30 Day free trial
No hidden fees
VoIP, toll free and local numbers, free setup, unlimited extensions
$5Visit Site


Relatively affordable
Free 30 day trial
Free toll free or local number
VoIP, toll free and local numbers, affordable, up to 2500 monthly minutes$9Visit Site WebLINK Internet Control Panel Ability to Easily Customize features Limited Customer Support/Poor response times Plans/Features options not readily available Many features incur additional monthly fees $10/mo for a local line

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Online fax

At the moment, sending documents by fax looks in our eyes a relic of the past and a significant role in the fact that such an opinion has played has been played by the development of technology for electronic communications, such as e-mail. But, until now, many companies continue to use fax machines in their workflow.

Therefore, such a situation may happen that an urgent need to send a document by fax, but there is no special apparatus for these purposes, or it suddenly broke down. What to do in this situation and send a fax from a computer via the Internet?

Of course, you can resort to specialized programs, or the “Communication and Fax” component built into Windows. But they require a Dial-up modem, and few people want to spend their time setting them up.

The best option in this case is to use specialized web services to send documents by fax via the Internet. There are a lot of them, there are both paid and free.

Online Fax Benefits

1.Ability to send documents to multiple contacts at once
2.Notification of sending by mail or SMS
3.Always at your fingertips a list of all your recipients
4.Own fax number, with the ability to send and receive documents to it
And this is not the whole list of possible functions, their number may be large depending on the site providing such services.

To send a fax you must:

1. Fill in the block of the sender “To” and the receiver “FROM”
– The “Name” and “Company” fields are optional
– In the “Country” field, select the country to which you want to send
– In the “Fax Number” field, enter the fax number of the recipient
– In the field “Email” enter your email address
2. Attach the document in the “Fax Message” block or enter the message manually “Enter text message”
3. Press the “SEND FAX” button
An email will be sent to the email address that you indicated in the “From” block; upon receiving it, you will need to click on the link to confirm sending.
If the fax is delivered, then a delivery notification will come, if not, then an error. This is the principle of many services.

In which countries does it support?

180 different countries, and if you are interested in obtaining a special fax number for receiving faxes on the Internet, the service offers local fax numbers in more than 40 countries

It is very convenient to use free online services to send a fax, but everything free has its limits. In our case, this is the limit of pages and documents for sending, plus advertising of the service on documents. Such sites are suitable for single use, but if you need to send more documents and pages, it will be better to use paid services.

In conclusion, we can say that Internet fax is a complete replacement for a fax machine. Sending a fax without telephone lines and without a fax machine. Without special software.

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