Best Resume Builder 2020
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Imports LinkedIn profile
Personalized cover letter
Job search
Mobile app
Feature-rich software with thousands of templates, interview preparation, and a job finder
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Custom-written resumes
Unlimited revisions
Creates personalized, custom-written resumes with unlimited revisions.
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24 hour rush available
Expert resume writers
Flexible packaging
Professional resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profiles at an affordable rate
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Unlimited expert support
Unlimited revisions
7-day turnaround
Personalized resume writing with dedicated expert support
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Pro resume writers
Relatively affordable
Offers free trial
Provides a professional and user friendly resume builder with a free trial.
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Free resume critique
72 hours delivery
90 day interview guarantee
Offers free resume critique, resume writing and resume builder services.
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Free resume builder
Prewritten bullet points
Live chat support
Free and easy resume builder with downloadable templates
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Top Resume Builder rating updated for September 2020

Make your resume that brings you closer to your goal.

You can create a resume for your dream job in just a couple of minutes! Resume builder is the first step to your successful interview! Forget about having to sit over pages for hours or choose a font for your cover letter. Nowadays, there are many free resume designers to help you make your resume interesting and successful effortlessly.

To simplify the task, you can refer to the catalog, which consists of many unique ideas, and in a few minutes write your resume, which will certainly help you to find the right job for you. By applying a suitable template and transforming it in your own way, you can implement as many variations as you need, so that each company that interests you receives an exclusive document containing all the requirements from the candidate.

Change colors, fonts and insert graphics so that, focusing on the presentation of your skills, they impress the future employer. It’s easy and simple, try it yourself!


How to create a resume:

After registration, the user will get access to a kind of resume designer. All that needs to be done is to fill in the standard blocks: general information, work experience, qualifications, education, interests and recommendations. If you have a desire to show the employer any additional information about yourself (for example, about your personal and professional qualities), then this can be done easily – the service allows you to add any other block as you wish. Another advantage is that you can swap blocks, placing emphasis the way you want it.

Open a website and choose your favorite design, or create it yourself from scratch. Choose colors and fonts as you wish. Download, post online or print.


Save time by focusing on the essentials

The resume generator takes care of the basic design and formatting of your CV. Now it is not necessary to study articles about its modern design and content, or to master software that is difficult for a beginner to understand. Of the tools you need – only a computer and the Internet to enter your personal account.

All templates are created by professional designers, and you don’t have to worry about how they look, because they do the job perfectly! Using them, you just need to add experience and adapt the design parameters as you wish.


Create your personal and unique resume for any job.

Thousands of templates used on these platforms are suitable for any profession – for lawyers working in the corporate sector, for IT specialists, and for students at the start of their career.

For people representing creative professions, you can choose colorful layouts for yourself, use different decorative elements to create a stylish CV. If you prefer formal resumes, focus on minimalism, which will impress more conservative personnel specialists.


Save and edit an unlimited number of versions

If you take into account the new skills that are constantly being acquired, foreign languages ​​or advanced training courses – everything that develops you and draws attention to your candidacy is not enough without regular updates.

Using these platforms, all your cover letters and resumes are saved automatically. Create several options – for different requirements and with new content, and make small changes if necessary.

Many creators suggest using the collage of achievements feature. This feature is aimed at young professionals who are just starting their career paths, and so far they cannot boast of great professional experience. But on the other hand, they can demonstrate to the future employer all their creative potential – examples of work, experience in volunteering, study abroad, internships, etc.

The result is a kind of visual history of achievements, the acquisition of experience and skills. When composing a collage, you can insert images, videos, and also links. You do not need special programs to create a resume. Register and create or edit ready-made resumes online.


Present your abilities and experience in a special way

On average, a recruiter spends seven seconds viewing a resume. Therefore, if you want your resume to stand out, unique layouts will make it easier for you, and your efforts will be appreciated by the most demanding employer.

Even if you are a freelancer with a huge number of projects, it will not be difficult to reflect each of them. Timeline infographics, presentation of a business plan and even pie charts – all this will show all the strengths of your portfolio.


How to open a resume for other users?

Click “Share” to share your resume with your employer via email or link. By controlling the settings, allow you to view or edit it from anywhere in the world.


Which format is best for saving your resume?

You can save your resume as an image – for example, in JPG or PNG. If you plan to transfer it to paper, we recommend “PDF for printing”, which guarantees high print quality.

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