Best SMM Services 2020
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RSS Feed Connect
Social Analytics
Video Posts Support
Visit Site It is forever free of charge. The content curation function has no limits. Supports image curation, too. It has recommendations for hashtags. Does not support Pinterest. The number of scheduled posts is low.


Analytics and Reports (Web)
Unlimited Client Management
RSS Feeds
Visit Site Easy to use Budget-friendly (Plans starting from just $10/month) Supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and VK Ability to upload custom images, videos, and GIF files to the posts Best for individuals, agencies, businesses, and enterprises Browser extension It allows users to add a limited number of posts in the scheduling queue (from 2500 to 10000) Social Inbox is available in higher plans only Contents can be recycled a maximum 10 times only


Social Accounts
Custom Topic Feeds
Searches Per Day
Visit SiteGreat for posting across multiple platforms. The evergreen and repeat scheduling options are exceptional. Previewing the content is a better experience than on any competitor app.The search facility on the Composer page is basic and doesn’t allow for AND or OR operators.


Competitor Tracking
Basic Video Analytics
Visit Site


Five RSS feeds for post sourcing
Unlimited scheduled posts
Access to personal and team areas
Visit Site 30-day free trial Access to personal and team areas Unlimited scheduled posts Access to all posting features Free support Access to basic posting features Bulk uploading Precise scheduling associates to your accountI have to leave this section empty.


Quick-Edit Toolbar
Video Topic Planner
Thumbnail Generator
Visit Site Basic analytics Clients can start for free Live channel stats Tracks up to three competitors Trend alerts Lacks the majority of features Only works with one account


Unlimited posts planned
500 posts per day
Content discovery
Visit Site


Unlimited Scheduling
250 Free SmartLoop Posts
5 Free Tailwind Tribes
Visit Site

Top SMM rating updated for October 2020


Crowdfire is a multilingual cloud service and mobile application (Android, iOS) for managing content and subscribers in popular social networks. Using the program, you can maintain multiple accounts on Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

The tool allows you to create deferred posts and plan their placement on a schedule, use autosearch for engaging content, post articles from your sites and blogs, subscribe and unsubscribe to / from users. A version with limited functionality is available as part of a free plan. With a paid subscription, you can manage 2-20 accounts.

The application will be useful for commercial organizations and private users interested in optimizing their SMM strategy. The functionality of the program will be useful for bloggers, community managers, administrators of several groups, and private entrepreneurs.

Up to 20 accounts from 4-6 social networks can be linked to the web service (the number depends on the tariff plan). The tool makes it possible to organize automatic filling of publics with relevant content, which can be created using the editor, received through the Chrome extension or connected RSS feeds of sites and blogs.

Using the application, you can track statistics on subscribed and unsubscribed users, as well as sort the audience using white and black lists. Among the possibilities – posting one record several times, keyword search.

Key features

Free tariff
Support for YouTube, Vimeo, WordPress and Shopify
Ability to subscribe and unsubscribe to / from users
Automatic postponed posting on a schedule
Share content via Chrome extension
Connecting RSS Feeds


YouTube video promotion optimizer. Attracts new subscribers to the channel. Simplifies the customization of video publishing at all stages of the download using templates. Improves video SEO, performs A / B testing of various video elements. Analyzes the effectiveness of the promotion.

Video posting

Save time when publishing content. Connect the extension, create different templates for download cards with ready-made tags and descriptions for videos of different topics. Set up the time for the video to be published in advance, plan to hide it, update it or automatically remove it from the playlist.

Create thumbnails of previews and end screens in the built-in graphics editor. Track the availability of monetization and age restrictions issued by video hosting. Find questions in the comments, filter them by selected words, answer them using templates. Set up a backup of all feed metadata to Excel or Google Docs.

SEO optimization

Improve the promotion of your video on the Internet. Translate the title and description of the video into any language, edit subtitles, track broken links, select keywords, phrases and tags based on the subject of the video. View the video display line by tags and keys.

A / B test titles, thumbnails, tags and video descriptions to identify working combinations by analyzing clicks, views, and SERP. Run contests and identify winners among commenters, automatically post videos to social media after uploading.


Analyze the effectiveness of video promotion. Add users to the system and differentiate access rights for them. Track the average cost of ad placement for each brand. Analyze views, comments, likes, dislikes and tags under any video, compare these indicators with competitors on the chart, upload data in CSV format.

Detect the most frequently used words in the channel comments, export them all to excel. Receive a notification by email or in your personal account when a competitor uploads a video. Analyze the demographics of your channel subscribers.

TubeBuddy features

advanced search for keywords (queries);
assessment of the frequency and competitiveness of requests;
reducing the time spent on publishing videos by 2 times;
higher YouTube rankings;
more views and subscribers (follows from the previous paragraph);
A / B testing of video icons;

A menu is added under the video icon. Some of the functions of this menu:
copying end screens and creating templates for them;
hint templates and hint copying;
fast posting to Facebook;
A / B testing;
intended tags;
translation of tags;
other SEO functions;
tracking who is sharing your videos;
scheduled publication;
video icon generation;
setting up special settings for video embedding;
export of video comments;

In the sidebar of TubeBuddy, you can see tips for working with videos. This is a kind of checklist that serves as a hint of what has already been done and how you can improve the video.

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Great YouTube content is only part of the channel’s development work. If you want your video to rank high in SERPs and be featured, then you need to know all about keyword research and research that will work for your video in the title, description, tag section, and playlists. Also, it will be necessary to conduct a competition analysis.

Would you like to have a personal YouTube consultant available 24/7? The channel audit feature will help you understand what works and does not work on your channel, as well as what you need to do to improve it. It is one of the most powerful video marketing features on the planet and provides essential and essential information for bloggers.

The Competitors feature will shed some light on what your competitors are doing to achieve high search positions and, as a result, get a large flow of subscribers and views. You can immediately start tracking competitors that directly or indirectly affect your channel’s well-being. You will also find out who they are: big bloggers who set trends themselves, or rookie channels with explosive content. The more information you have about your opponents, the higher the chances of success.

Would you be interested to know how your audience perceives new content? Compare your video metrics to any other YouTube video, channel, or playlist for real-time feedback on content?

YouTube is a treasure trove of popular content and if you want to know what is really popular and brings in millions of views, our Most Viewed feature will help you with that.
Productivity tools make YouTube channel management easier. This way, you can devote more time to your creativity. We offer many features to optimize and promote YouTube content.

Have you got 1,000 subscribers, 1 million views, or uploaded 200 videos? No achievement will go unnoticed with a dedicated feature that keeps track of all of your records. You can create a custom certificate and share it with everyone. After all, you deserve it!

Celebrate your victories

Making videos is hard work, so why not share your accomplishments with everyone? A special function will allow you to tell the whole world about what you have achieved in a few clicks. Is free!

Major achievements

It is possible to download or share achievements by subscribers, views, downloads, likes, watch hours or comments.

You can also download or share achievements based on your best months by followers, views, downloads, watch hours, or comments. It’s a great way to tell everyone how awesome and immersive content you are creating.

To share or download a certificate of achievement, simply click on the “Achievements” icon on the left side of any YouTube page (you need to install the free vidIQ extension for Chrome). Select the achievement you are interested in; click share; choose a social network and enjoy flattering comments from your fans.

Downloading video information (CSV export)

With vidIQ you can export all data about your own or someone else’s video (including metadata). This is especially useful when backing up your channel’s metadata. The resulting information can be saved in a table, which will allow you to sort the results by rows and columns.

Template comments

vidIQ offers a template comment feature to users. So, you can answer for several clicks on the same type of questions, which will have a beneficial effect on increasing the index of interaction with the audience.

With vidIQ productivity tools, you can easily and easily copy and edit end screens and tooltips in bulk. It will save you hours of work!

Create video icons

Creating an engaging and inviting video icon is one of the most important steps in YouTube content creation. Even though YouTube automatically creates a video thumbnail for your video, they often do not reflect its essence at all.

Even if you have a great video, no one will be interested in it with a mindless thumbnail. If you can reveal the essence of a video with a thumbnail, your click-through rate (CTR) will skyrocket. Fortunately, with vidIQ’s video thumbnail generator, you can create a thumbnail without leaving your browser.

Create and edit custom icons with vidIQ

VidIQ’s custom video icon editor lets you add text, objects and images. It is possible to create a custom icon template if you are, for example, producing a series of videos. The thumbnail editor can be opened from the YouTube video manager page. In addition, you can add color, font, text borders. An inline preview will display the thumbnail as it would appear on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Best keywords with vidIQ Boost
There are millions of searches every day. If you know what people are looking for, you can show your video to a wider audience segment. vidIQ Boost will recommend suitable and popular keywords for you. Also, you will be shown a list of related videos that are at the peak of popularity.

YouTube Keyword Research

When you search YouTube, vidIQ displays you a wealth of information for each search term. If you have a small channel and you see that parameters such as search volume and competition for a tag are very high, you should delve deeper into finding a niche and concentrate on using less competitive keywords.

An overall keyword rating will help you quickly understand how popular (or not) your chosen tag is. A keyword that has 100 on the search volume and 0 on the competition scale is priceless.

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