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No offers$5Visit Site· Good For Managing Time · Screenshots · Easy To Use· Bugs & Glitches · High Pricing For Large Companies · Annoying & InvasiveYou get a time tracker that breaks down your timesheet into separate tasks, a productivity monitor to help ensure you are as efficient as possible while working, a service to integrate with your payroll system and almost automate payday in entirety, and you get it all for less than ten bucks per person per month.


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No offers$9Visit Site· Works without distraction · Tracks time in apps and on sites · Excellent reports and customization· Bugs · High Pricing · Annoying & InvasiveCompanies of all sizes looking to increase their employee productivity and manage time well.

Top Time Tracking rating updated for October 2020

Time Tracking – Productive HR Management

The success of any company is primarily the productive work of office and remote employees. But the larger your team, the more difficult it is to understand who really works and who watches cats during business hours. A time tracker fixes this problem. You are always aware of who is doing what in your company.


Time Tracker – Productive HR Management?

Time tracker (from the English. Time tracker) is a program with which you can track all the activities of a person in his working time. Open sites and applications, mouse activity, periods of absence, etc. You install the program on employees’ computers and receive reports on how they use working hours.


Time trackers will help:

For employees / remote workers: To do more, to better organize their workflow and, as a result, to have more money or free time. First of all, it helps not to be distracted. You will also find out what tasks you spend more time on; this will help you better plan your workflow without any trouble.

For employers:
Find out and increase the productivity of your employees. Time tracker program will highlight weak points in the work. Thanks to the analysis of program reports, you can find out the reason for the slow work and take the necessary actions to correct the situation.


Save money company.

You do not have to pay for hours during which the employee is engaged in personal affairs, creating only the illusion of work. With the help of a time tracker, you will find out who really works for the conscience, and with whom it is worth having a conversation.


It’s easy to calculate cash payments to employees using the work time calendar.

The time tracker will calculate for you how many hours per month the employee really worked, and how much he rested, will compile a report and a calendar of working hours. This will allow you to quickly and easily determine the size of the payment.


Track the implementation of tasks.

You set tasks that the employee must complete in a certain amount of time. Or the employee himself sets the tasks, but you always know what exactly he worked on. Time tracker provides a report on the completion of tasks.я


Online time tracking

It’s very convenient because it gives access to your data and reports from anywhere. This is useful for working with customers: at any time you can show at what stage the work on the project is. You can track the work of employees both from a desktop application, and from a mobile, or simply from a browser. Most time tracker programs are optimized for the web and all operating systems.


Task Tracker and Time Trackers

A task tracker or task manager is another solution to optimize your workflow. We wrote about them in our blog. Here is a list of work tasks and those who are responsible for them. Most often, the time tracking program integrates with the task manager. Some time trackers already have a built-in task manager functionality. This is convenient because you do not need to switch between applications. You know not just the total number of working hours, but also what they were spent on, whether the priority tasks were left without attention.


Should I use time trackers?

Definitely yes! Even in a small startup, it’s important to have a clear idea of ​​everyone’s work, especially if it’s a remote team. This eliminates all sorts of controversial issues and improves the atmosphere in the team. It’s impossible to keep track of everyone in a large company, so the tracker program will do everything for you, which works like a time sheet. Install it and just browse the reports that it provides.

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