Top-10 Hosting Services in 2020
Hosting ServiceScoreHosting FeaturesSpecial OffersPriceSiteThe GoodThe BadThe Bottom Line
Blue Host


Free Domain for 1 Year
1 Click WordPress Install
User-Friendly cPanel
Money-Back Guarantee
$200 in Marketing Credits
Easy-to-use marketing and automation tools at a price you can afford$2Visit SiteWith unlimited disk space and 24/7 tech support, it's no surprise that Bluehost powers over 2 million websites worldwide.Bluehost does not offer free website migration services.Bluehost is a top recommended WordPress provider and provides all the tools needed for your website to succeed.
Host Rator


Money-Back Guarantee
1 Click WordPress Install
Easy-To-Use cPanel
E-commerce Ready
Drag & Drop Templates
$2Visit SiteHostGator offers a flexible hosting solution complete with a free website builder and a 99.99% uptime guarantee.With so many features, HostGator may feel intimidating to some users.A great value-for-money web host, HostGator is perfect for personal websites and small businesses.
Network Solution


Unlimited Bandwidth
24/7 Support
Website Templates
Malware Scan and Removal
$5Visit SiteNetwork Solutions offers a variety of flexible hosting plans with responsive customer support.With so many packages, the pricing system on Network Solutions can often be confusing.Offering a 30-day money back guarantee, Network Solutions has hosting plans for sites of all sizes.


Free Domain & SSL
Easy 1-Click Installer
Optimized for WordPress
Extremely Fast Servers
$1Visit SiteHostinger web hosting offers a great value by providing fast and reliable hosting services at low prices and includes its own in-house, easy-to-use website builder.Hostinger is not a good choice for those looking for dedicated server hosting as the company does not provide this service.For hosting and email services, Hostinger web hosting provides a great choice when trying to get the best value for the least amount of money.


Free Snapshots
SShield Security Protection
Dedicated IP Address
$10Visit Site


Unlimited domain hosting
Free website builders
99% uptime Guarantee
$3Visit Site
A2 Hosting


Free & Fast Account Migration
Optimized for WordPress
Turbo Fast Servers
$4Visit SiteTurbo fast hosting speeds and robust email features are what set A2 hosting apart.A2 plans are more expensive than average and the basic plans tend to be limited.A2 is a fast and reliable hosting solution for those with advanced hosting knowledge.


Custom Control Panel
Easy to Use
24/7 Expert Support
$2Visit SiteIn business for over 20 years, DreamHost has established itself as a reliable brand. The company makes web hosting simple, and all plans come with a 97-day money-back guarantee.DreamHost web hosting customer support team is not always available for instant help. If you experience technical difficulties, it may take some time to solve the issue.DreamHost offers a wide range of hosting plans to meet customer needs, including many additional options to support your website like email and WordPress hosting.


Fast and Reliable
Open source apps
Easy-To-Use Site Builder
$2Visit SitePages built and hosted with are fully customizable and easy to manage.If you're looking to open an eCommerce store, plans can be is a great place to buy, host, and build a website.

Top Web Hosting rating updated for September 2020

What is web hosting?

Hosting is a specialized computer (server) that provides users with the ability to store their sites. Its equipment provides the work of programs that make it possible to view pages of Internet resources.

When a user types a website address, a request is sent to the hosting server. After processing, the server sends information to your browser, which is displayed in the form of a requested web page.

Uninterrupted round-the-clock operation of servers is ensured by system administrators monitoring them. They fix all problems that arise. Thanks to this, hosting is available 24 hours a day.

Hosting services are an extremely sought after product. There is very strong competition in this market. But it must be noted that not every hosting company is able to provide hosting services of a high level of quality.


Information Placement

Not one type of serious business is now impossible without the use of the Internet. Therefore, many commercial projects begin with creating your own website. But collecting and preparing information is not enough. It is necessary to provide a place where it will be stored, that is, choose a hosting. You also need to assign the site a domain name, an online address on the Internet by which it will be searched.

There are many offers from providers of similar services. And it is extremely difficult for an inexperienced person to choose the right hosting.


Paid and free hosting

A place to place a site can be obtained, both for money and for free. Of course, it looks tempting to publish your site on the Internet and not pay for hosting. But there are many nuances to consider.

Installing an amateur site is just for self-expression, of course you can on a free hosting. But if this is a serious project designed to generate income for the owner, paid hosting is definitely needed.


The negative sides of free hosting

Let’s say you put your site on a free platform. In this case, you should consider that the party that gives you free hosting is not responsible for the safety of information.

It may happen that one day you try to open your site and see the inscription, this page is not available. This will mean that all the fruits of your labor have sunk into oblivion.

And what do you want? For free, it is free. In addition, you must consider the shareware nature of this service. Your site will almost certainly be filled with third-party advertising. Are you ready for this? Well, the opportunities offered to you by free hosting are much inferior to paid services.


The better the paid service

On paid hosting, the site is adequately protected. Usually many additional features are given. And the cost of paid services is quite insignificant. For $ 3 – 5 per month, you will ensure the security and uninterrupted operation of your Internet resource.


What to look for

When choosing a hosting provider, it is necessary first of all to clarify the period of its activity in this market. Proven organizations working for a long time in this area usually provide quality services. If a company has recently appeared in this business, it is likely to curtail its activities.

Of great importance is the number of provider clients. You can figure this out using specialized services that inform about domains that are located on the NS server of the hosting you are interested in. After a comparative analysis of the data of various companies, you can come to the right decision.

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